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Building Savings in 2016

05. 04. 2017 - Yearbook for 2016 is available in two languages (EN, CZ) here.

Statistical data for the 2016 published

22. 02. 2016 - You can find some actual statistical data of Czech bauspar system in the year 2016 at the appropriate section. There are some time series under the same link as well.

Loan volumes grow by 22% in 2015 - more than last five years

18. 01. 2016 - According to the Czech News Agency, building savings banks provided loans last year totaling almost 49 billion Czech crowns. The reasons for the increase include strong client loyalty and interest rates that are historically at their lowest levels.

Top building savings executives in Prague once again

05. 11. 2015 - Top executives from the European Federation of Building Societies are meeting in Prague to discuss problems affecting building savings loan products. The EFBS advocates the interests of more than 41 million European building savings clients, whom together have more than 200 billion euros deposited in building savings accounts. Building savings banks have loans on record amounting to 152 billion euros.

Czech building savings banks lend 700 billion CZK

27. 05. 2015 - Nearly every fourth property in the Czech Republic has been improved thanks to building savings. A total of 2.2 million loans have been provided by building savings banks, 46% of which were used to finance remodeling and modernization projects.

New Chairmen and Deputies

19. 02. 2014 - Vladimír Staňura was elected by Presidium at its meeting as the new Chairman of the Association. Jan Jeníček became the first Vice-Chairman and Jiří Plíšek became another Deputy. The complete structure of the Association organs can be viewed in the appropriate section.

Older News

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