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In 2005 the Association of Czech Building Savings Banks made extensive changes that led it to a new phase of operations.

For the first five years, ACSS members rotated in the chairmanship of the organization according to a predetermined order. In the middle of 2005, this method was found to be unsatisfactory and the members changed to a voting system within the framework of professionalism.

The system of statutory authorities is made up of a Praesidium, chairman and two deputy chairpersons voted by members of the Praesidium. Other activities in the individual spheres belong under the influence of the expert commissions. During its activities, the Association uses the expert opinions in building savings of both current and past work groups. The minutes of the executive agenda are provided by the secretary.
The Association has chosen authorities, a headquarters and legal advisors which place it amongst other modern and standardized institutions of this kind.

Make up of the ACSS Executive

The members of Praesidium currently have the following functions:

  • Jan Jeníček – Chairman of the AČSS
  • Tomáš Kořínek – Vice Chairman of the AČSS
  • Pavel Jirák – Deputy Chairman of the AČSS

Other members of Praesidium:

  • Libor Vošický
  • Michael Pupala

Secretary of the Association:

  • Jiří Šedivý

Chairman of the AČSS

Jan Jeníček - Chairman

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