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Building Savings in 2017

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Loans have remained favourable even though interest rates in the market have slightly risen in the 2017.

  • Building savings banks signed 72 710 new contracts for a total value of 55.3 billion CZK. The average loan increased (by 143 000 CZK) to almost 761 000 CZK.
  • At year's end, building savings banks were overseeing 359 billion CZK of their clients' savings, which is 16% of all Czech household savings in the banking sector.
  • The number of new signed contracts in 2017 was 426 446 and the average amount of savings was almost 112 000 CZK.
  • There are enough resources for further lending and the system is lending effectively. At year's end, 68.5% of deposits had been lent out.


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